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I thought I’d share a couple of short videos that caught my eye. The first is a sweet little animation that’s actually a corporate promotion. The second is a fun video that features a simple trick with a GoPro and a coat-hanger.

The first video is made by an animator, or team of animators, passionate about what they do. Here they have partnered with a corporate commissioner who obviously loved their animation style and creativity and was brave enough to realise that the animation house could produce a video that would attract attention and help them stand out from the crowd. Animation is expensive to produce so this would have been a BIG decision. 

The second video is on the other end of the budget scale. Here a couple are having a great time producing amazing shots using nothing more than a coathanger, a piece of string and a GoPro! Basically, they’re producing a version of the Matrix “Bullet Time” shot. This style became so popular that it’s now a setting on my 360 Insta action camera but instead of the coat hanger and stick, you get a stylish accessory that they can charge way too much for!

However, my point is, as a corporate producer, these videos remind me to passion and celebrate creative thinking but also to salute the creative commissioners out there!

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