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At SILVER WOLF Productions, we believe in the transformative power of storytelling. We specialises in crafting captivating narratives that go beyond the ordinary. 

We take pride in creating videos that inspire EUDAIMONIC GRATIFICATION – stories that touch the soul, awaken the imagination, and leave a profound impact on our viewers.


Nigel Miller is a producer/director with decades of experience in video, TV, digital media and event production.

Nigel started his career in London in the mid 1980s working for a production company that specialised in Industrial Theatre and Audio-Visual productions. 

In the mid 1990s, Nigel moved to Sydney where he initially worked for a multimedia production company. In addition to working on extensive multimedia projects for companies such as Canary Wharf in London, Nigel also produced some of the first websites for companies including Hewlett Packard.

Nigel’s next move was to become the General Manager of a satellite broadcast company where he also headed up the production arm that specialised in broadband digital media production and satellite and broadband linked multi-site events.

In the early ‘000s, Nigel set up his first production company which then merged into a partnered company where he produced and directed over 100 episodes of a TV program for one of Australia’s main free-to-air channels. 

In 2011, Nigel set-up SILVER WOLF Productions and began his journey into the science of video storytelling. A journey and a passion that he’s still feeding to this day.

Nigel also has an extensive video equipment set-up and, for lower budget projects, regularly shoots and edits projects as well. 




Crafting Stories that Inspire

At SILVER WOLF Productions, we don't just make videos; we craft stories that inspire Eudaimonia – a profound sense of purpose and well-being. Our passion lies in the power of storytelling, and how it can make a difference.


Our Commitment to Intentionality

Every project we undertake is approached with utmost intentionality. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we work closely with our clients to understand their unique goals, values, and visions. This deliberate approach ensures that every frame, every word, and every moment in our videos aligns perfectly with their objectives.


Collaboration with the Brave

We thrive on working with clients who dare to venture beyond the norm. We love the bold, the imaginative, and the innovative. When you choose SILVER WOLF, you're choosing a partner who will fearlessly explore new horizons with you, pushing the boundaries of creativity and storytelling.


Immersive Experiences

Our videos are designed to immerse viewers in a world of emotion, meaning, and connection. Through the four pillars of story - People, Plot, Place and Purpose - we transport the audience into the heart of the story. It's not just a video; it's an experience.


Inspiring Proactivity: Impact That Lasts

Our stories don't end when the credits roll. We believe in inspiring action. After experiencing our videos, we want viewers to be proactive, to be moved to take the next step, whether it's supporting a cause, making a purchase, or embracing change.

Our Purpose

Whether you’re a forward-thinking corporation, a PR or communications agency, a trailblazing startup, or a visionary individual, at SILVER WOLF Productions our purpose is to breathe life into your stories.

As your creative partner, we can take you, or your clients, on a journey of inspiration and understanding. Together, we’ll craft stories that ignite eudaimonia and leave a lasting mark on the world.

SILVER WOLF Productions

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Organisations We Support


NASCA provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to assist them through secondary school through to Year 12. At SILVER WOLF, we are proud to have produced a number of videos to help NASCA attract corporate sponsors and community awareness.

NASCA - social

To help NASCA raise awareness, we also provided a number of short video segments to use on their social media platforms.

Living with Pompe Disease

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Related Business Entities

SILVER WOLF’s founder, Nigel Miller, has two other entities that he is involved with.

One is an online retail education business he co-founded with retail marketing guru, Kevin Moore.  The Road to Retail features a range of online courses and podcasts designed to help retailers grow their businesses.

Nigel’s other entity is a passion project: SitAwhile360 is a virtual retreat where people can immerse themselves in a 360˚ video world focused on Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation and a little bit of Education!

The Road to Retail:

Merging Education with Quality Production 

In collaboration with retail marketing maestro Kevin Moore, Nigel co-created an online retail education platform, The Road to Retail, that’s helping retailers learn and grow. Here, Nigel applies his production expertise to craft engaging, informative online courses, blending educational content with a visually rich delivery. 

As part of this venture, Nigel and Kevin embraced the world of podcasting through a series of episodes where Nigel’s talent as a producer shines, creating compelling dialogues that captivate and educate. These podcasts, featuring Nigel as the hapless non-retailing host and Kevin as the retail expert co-host, dive in to a range of topics to help retailers improve their retail knowledge.


Crafting Virtual Escapes

Nigel’s personal project, SitAwhile360, is a vivid demonstration of his artistic versatility. Here, Nigel employs his production and AI skills to capture and share stunning 360 3D recordings of amazing Australian landscapes and craft them into compelling 360 VR content to promote mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation. 

SitAwhile360 stands as a beacon of innovation, currently exploring 360 video usage in aged care and disability sectors and venturing into unique services for memorial and family legacy preservation. 

Nigel Miller, through these ventures, exemplifies a forward-thinker, constantly seeking novel ways to apply his production talents. From educating retailers to providing virtual havens for relaxation, his endeavours illustrate a commitment to innovation, versatility, and a passion for creating meaningful, impactful experiences.