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“We Make Nestlé” video

Many senior management teams around the world have spent vast amounts of time and energy defining their company’s values and principles. They then write them down as a series of succinct one liners and announce them to their employees. They then put up a few posters around the place to remind everyone (including themselves) what they are and “job done”! From the employee perspective, they’re all too frequently motherhood statements that are virtually meaningless to their day-to-day working lives.

At Nestlé, things are a bit different. Their senior management team are passionate about living the company’s values and principles. To demonstrate that, we made a variety of videos in late 2013 that were shown at a series of CEO briefings to staff around the region. The videos consisted of short statements from senior managers on the activities that they and the company are involved in that demonstrate how they are bringing the principles and values to life.

For us, the challenge was to capture these statements in an engaging way but with only a very short time to record each. Our solution was to shoot them all against a green screen and then we added in a very simple background in post. The power was in the statements so we didn’t want to use too much visual trickery to distract from that. So, to add a little visual variety we also cut each statement in half and zoomed in or out and repositioned the person which helped to add impact. The result:

WOW! This is fabulous… just awesome!!!!! You’ve done a brilliant job. I got goosebumps watching the video this morning. Had a very positive response and great feedback from everyone who has seen it.

Kerrie McVicker, HR Activations Specialist, Nestlé