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TAL Customer Service video

From our friends at live event creative agency, Experience DNA, we received a fun but unusual brief: “we want you to create a video that’s looks amateurish but is fun to watch”. Now we’re just piloting our Video4Business courses to help businesses create videos that don’t look amateurish so for a moment we thought maybe we’re wasting our time there if “amateurish” is the new vogue?!

Actually, what was wanted was a video that captured the essence of the TAL Life Customer Service team and their new office space without looking too slick. It was to accompany their submission to the Customer Service Council Awards. To keep the video driving along, we felt that it needed a narrative beyond “someone walking around with a camera”. After a bit of grey-matter stretching, a few twirls of the juggling clubs to focus the mind further, we came up with the concept of shooting the whole thing from the view-point of someone trying out their new “Google Glass” gadget. This would also give us a device for pulling up supporting graphics, etc.

And the best news? The TAL Life Customer Service Team won the 2013 CSC Gold Medal for Medium Enterprise. Our congratulations go out to the TAL team and we’d like to believe that our video just helped in their quest just a little bit!