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The Business Bakery videos

Finance expert, Julia Bickerstaff, runs a website called “The Business Bakery”. This is a lovely site filled with tips to help (mainly female) micro-businesses achieve a healthy profit. Julia also runs a “Healthy Income” coaching program. For her site, she wanted to add a series of video tips as well as introductory videos to both the main site and the “Kitchen” workshops.

And this is a great example of how video can be a great way to generate a lot of content quickly. Content that search engines love, content that increases open rates in newsletters and content that engages our audience and builds your brand and awareness. So, in one day, on location at Julia’s home, we recorded thirty two minute video tips and the two introductory videos. We then produced a fun little title sequence incorporating the icons from her site and delivered to Julia a package of videos that she could trickle out over the subsequent thirty weeks.