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AFA “Greatness” video

2012 marked the tenth year of the Association of Financial Advisors (AFA) Adviser of the Year Awards, sponsored by Zurich. To celebrate this milestone, we were commissioned by our friends at live event creative agency ExperienceDNA to travel around the country and interview the previous winners to find out how they became involved in the industry, what winning the award meant to them and how it affected their business. Basically, we asked the question what does it take to achieve “Greatness” in the financial services industry?

As this was fundamentally a “talking-head” video, we decided to shoot it using two cameras – the main camera providing the traditional interview angle and the second camera adding dynamism to the piece by providing alternative tight shots and small moves, focus pulls, etc.

The final video was shown during the tenth award ceremony and was very well received. We then created an updated version for 2013 that included the 2013 AFA Advisor of the Year winner, Olivia Maragna.